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    Digital Waste Collection: tips for getting a grip on implementation

    The world of waste collection is constantly changing. As a planner, you must keep a close eye on this and ensure that the daily work can continue. So how do you keep as much control as possible on the planning and execution of the work?

    The basis is often the physical drawings of collection routes. Do you still have them on paper? Or are you already a step further and have already signed this up with a digital tool (for example, Jewel Door-to-Door)? In this blog, we'll explain the next step in digital waste collection; Area Collection.

    Tip 1: Routes Digitalize areas

    The transition from paper to digital is an essential first step in simplifying and improving waste collection. For the optimal situation, we no longer draw routes, but we switch to drawing areas without extensive driving instructions for the driver. This takes less time and makes it a lot easier to keep the information up-to-date.

    The driver is presented with a map of the area to be collected on a tablet. By collecting based on areas, we give the driver autonomy when driving through the collection area. As a result, the driver is not tied to a route and can decide how to deal with it when certain streets are blocked. The tablet clearly shows the driver which roads to drive and which to skip.

    Tip 2: Make it easy for the driver

    In addition to the freedom and the clear instructions that the drivers see on their tablets, they also receive live insights into their own progress. For example, where have I been, and where do I still need to go? This gives the driver autonomy and peace of mind when performing the work. In addition, the driver can easily share information encountered on the road. This is recorded on the map and is picked up by colleagues in the office.

    App Gebiedsnavigatie

    Tip 3: Stimulate collaboration

    Drivers can check their own work, but the progress is also visible to the people inside. Does it look like a driver is struggling to finish his area on schedule? Using the collaboration function, another driver can quickly assist in the area to be collected. Again, you can easily coordinate this from the office.

    In addition, digitalization also stimulates cooperation between the drivers and the people inside. The driver simply passes on changes in the area, preventing errors and thus notifications from members of the public.

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    Want to know more about Area Collection? 

    More insight, fewer complaints from citizens and, above all, satisfied drivers who would like to have this type of assistance. Curious about all the possibilities of Area Collection? Learn more in our Jewel Waste Collection product sheet!

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