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    Weed control: start the growing season with a head start

    Maintaining clean surfaces is crucial for preventing weed growth. While most areas are efficiently cleared using mechanical sweepers, inaccessible spots require manual attention to remove debris effectively. Initiating these tasks during the winter season is advantageous. Learn efficient methods to tackle this task, gaining control over weed management.

    Collaborate with Machinery Operators

    During the growing season, prioritise optimal sweeper utilisation with the sweeper operator app. Start by manually removing weeds from hard-to-reach areas in winter months. Utilise a tablet to catalog locations inaccessible to mechanical sweepers, providing visibility on a digital map. With this data, plan routes for colleagues to manually clear debris from these identified areas.

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    Unattended Debris Breeds Weed Growth

    Winter often brings reduced workload, making it an ideal time to address accumulated debris. Equip your team with shovels, leaf blowers, and brooms to clear debris from designated locations. This proactive approach minimises tasks during the busy growing season, curbing potential weed growth.

    Gain an Early Advantage in the Growing Season

    Jewel facilitates various tasks in Public Space Management, aiding field workers effectively. Curious about how the Jewel app supports diverse tasks during the growing season and beyond? Explore our product sheet for insights into our application's capabilities.


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