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    Digitising Door-to-Door Collection Routes? 4 Reasons to start today.

    Upon hearing the word "digitisation," objections may immediately arise. Understandable, as digitisation generally requires a significant amount of effort and time. Moreover, you may currently be managing well. After all, drivers have years of experience, making the planning of collection routes a smooth process. Despite the challenges associated with digitising planning and execution, this process significantly simplifies and enhances the flexibility of your business life. To guide you in the right direction, we provide you with four reasons why you might want to start digitising today. 

    Reason 1: Eliminate Uncertainty 

    You have likely encountered unclear route maps with handwritten notes here and there, and streets crossed out in different places. Drivers only understand them because they repeatedly drive the same routes. However, when they are sick or have a day off, it becomes more challenging for others to comprehend the routes. Through the digitisation of door-to-door collection routes, this uncertainty becomes a thing of the past. Adjusting routes becomes easier and understandable for everyone. 

    Reason 2: Faster Changes Possible 

    The second reason is closely related to the first. Since you can now edit routes online, you no longer need to wait for a paper version to make changes. This means that you can make adjustments to the garbage truck routes even during the workday. Even if you forget something, you can correct it during the day. No problem! 

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    Reason 3: Improved Flexibility 

    The transition from paper to digital increases flexibility in your schedules. You are no longer dependent on a specific driver for a particular neighbourhood because the digitization of collection routes comes with convenient navigation on tablets. This allows any driver to follow the route without forgetting streets and containers. This knowledge also remains stored on the tablet and PC for years, making it easier to deploy unfamiliar drivers during holidays and sick days. No more hassle with planning! 

    Reason 4: Insight into Operations  

    The last reason is all about reporting. Currently, you send drivers and loaders outside on trust. You have no exact picture of what is happening outside, and analyses are more like estimates than reflections of reality. Thanks to the digitisation of door-to-door collection routes, you maintain control over quality. Reports are easier to generate, and smart software shows where drivers have been precisely. In fact, you can even track their activities throughout the day. This makes it easier to address drivers about their performance, resulting in improved waste collection. 


    Ready for the Future? 

    Digitisation is a significant step because you need to switch to a new way of working. It is understandable that you have waited to make all the adjustments, but we hope these four reasons provide you with a better understanding of what it can offer. One of our key tips: involve the drivers and loaders in the upcoming change. This way, you ensure that digitisation truly pays off. 


    To what extent are you ready for the digitisation of collection routes? Share your experiences in a comment. Or, first, download our product sheet for waste collection. 


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